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Advanced Liquid Analysis for Industry and Healthcare

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A World of Information in a Drop

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Aria Analytics, Inc. is commercializing a novel analytical technology to characterize liquids for healthcare and  industrial applications. As a drop of liquid evaporates on the vibrating quartz sensor, it undergoes distinctive phase  changes representing the unique chemical and physical characteristics of the sample.  This unique "fingerprint" provides  information that is not readily available from any combination of analytical methods currently in use.  Prior to the  availability of the Aria technology, a sample profile could only be obtained by running a battery of tests on multiple  laboratory instruments.  The Aria holistic approach to analysis lowers both capital and operating costs per test. Proprietary algorithms are applied to the "fingerprints" to determine important product information such as authenticity, aging, purity.  These data are important in quality control testing, determining counterfeit products, manufacturing process testing,  product formulation and R&D projects.   The Aria technology was originally developed at the Institute for Applied Physics in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, by 5 Russian Ph.D. scientists and engineers who continue to  dedicate their time to industrial technology advancement and lead the development into the healthcare market.  The US organization is commercializing these developments in the West, first entering the Analytical Instrument Market (overall $12B) focusing on Quality Control  applications (QC portion ~$2.5B) prevalent across multiple industries  including healthcare, counterfeit product detection, and  future expansion into the non-QC application arena.   Aria has been awarded three patents and will continue to strengthen its intellectual property base for uses of its technology across multiple applications, such as specialty  chemicals, paints, and analysis methodologies:   1.       US Patent No. 6,874,357 "Method for Studying Liquid and Device for Carrying out Method". 2.       US Patent Application 2005/0262926 (allowed and to be issued) "Methods and Apparatus for Determination of Medical Diagnostics Utilizing Biological Fluids". 3.      US Patent Application 2005/0241373 (allowed and to be issued) "Method and Apparatus for Determination of Food Quality and Authenticity."
The company