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Advanced Liquid Analysis for Industry and Healthcare

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A World of Information in a Drop

A 5iTech Company
Nonlinear dynamic  processes in drying drops  (phase transitions), which  depend on the specific  liquid’s content and  structure
The Aria System is based on two  phenomena: 
A special sensor to register  these dynamics 
The Processed information makes it possible to obtain  “fingerprints” of liquids, create a database, and test for the  presence of deviations from normal.


Drop drying on resonator  Constant resonant frequency Measuring and recording of phase transitions
The chemical and physical changes that take  place during the “self-organization process” of  liquids as they dry result in characteristic curves  of sensor response vs. time.  Proprietary  algorithms are then used to analyze electronic  data collected.
  Surface Tension    Wetability    Viscosity    Internal Structure    Dispersion (Colloids)    Thermal Conductivity    Ionic Forces    Gel-Forming Substances 
The technique is sensitive to a  range of variables, including: